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Advanced Trail Making Test

It is the test to measure how tired your brain is.
You just touch the number on the screen from 1 to 25 in order.

bad cholesterol

Low-density lipoprotein which convey cholesterol made in lever.
If this low-density lipoprotein increases too much, it leads a lot kind of illness.


One of steroid houmones.
In the growth period, if this estrogen is secreted a lot, you grow in height.

sleep inertia

The condition you are still in sleeping even though you wake up. You get a lot of symptoms like always feeling sleepy, looking spaced-out, having no concentration e.t.c.

steroid hormone

The houmone which is elaborated in gonad and adrenal gland.

stress somnipathy

Mental sleep disorder which is got form mental stress like troubles at school and bad relationship with friends.


Bioactive amine and one of indole amine with a wide distribution in animals and plants. It controls neuroendocrine, sleep and thermoregulation.

nucleus accumbens

The group of nerve cells in forebrain. It is responsible for pleasure, reward, addiction and fear.


All-inclusive term of organic compound which is built up with sugar.


Excitatory transmitter in the central nervous system. It is responsible for motor control, hormonal coordination, pleasure, will and study.


One of amino acid. Amino-acid essential. The more protein food has, the more amino acid is included.

amino-acid essential

One of stress houmone. It effects the brain part which controls attention and impulsivity.

back light display

Screen of liquid crystal display TV and computer.

saturated fatty acid

Important fatty acid which create the energy resource. Meat and dairy products have a lot of it. If you get it too much, it leads you to getting fat.


One of houmone which is produced by the pineal gland in brain. If you get a bright light in the daytime, it decreases. And it increases ato night. It controls beat, temperature and blood pressure. So when it vitiates them, your body realizes you are ready to sleep. When you get the morning sunlight and keep early hours, your body rhythm can kept in healthy way with melatonin.

aerobic exercise

The exercise for making the energy. You can burn fat and sugar in your body when you do aerobic exercise.


Carcinogenicity substance.

social media

The media which were designed as if spreading through the social reciprocity using the broad information sending technology with which everyone can participate.

aerobic physical activity

The slightness to get the energy mainly by good intention-like metabolism, by which continuation is possible long or movement of a load of medium degree.


One kind of physiological activity amine and indole amine from which I range to animals and plants widely. The substance the name derives from serum and tone (the tone), and which controls tension of a blood vessel.

stress-related insomnia

As the need arises, falling into sleep and the sleep disorder which can't keep sleeping.


It's made a catecholamine of chemical formula C8H11NO3, and it's FENECHIRUAMIN. It's learned about as Noll epinephrine (Norepinephrine) at USA.