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Introduction of ourselves

Welcome to our web site!

Did you know that the period in a junior high and high school is really important to become an adult?
If you have a messed-up life in this period, that might effect your independence in the future.
We focus attention on our life style here.
And we hope we can think about our problems with you on this web site.

Are you having a ideal life?

Don't you feel you need more sleep? Don't you use the Smart Phone too much?

Do you eat breakfast every day? Don't you be too busy to eat breakfast because you get up late?

Do you do exercise sometimes? Don't you play games too much?

We have more problems than we think.

But actually we are always busy to study, do the school event and extracurricular activities.
So it is kind of difficult to have an ideal lifestyle for us.

Then how we can do it?

We hope you to review your life and get to know why we have to have an ideal life with us.
To become independent!

Why we study about it ?

One day we saw an TV program which taught us that our life had a lot of promlems and
our disorderly life ellect our social independence in the future.
So we decided to make the web page to change our life style and think about this problems with the same generation people in the world.

We hope this web page would help you a lot.

How to read this web page

縦バーの説明 Basically all contents on this web site are shown in the menu bar on the left.
When you click the menu, you can go to the page.

縦バーの説明 In addition, there is a thing called sub-menu in some page, press the location displayed in orange in the menu, open the sub-menu.
And depending on the page there is also a sub-menu of sub menu. This is often indicate the location of the middle title.

And the important words we want to tell you are shown with orange bold type.

Intoroduce ourlseves

We introduce ourselves.

ガワ ソヤー
She's the leader of the team.
He's always busy making TV games.
That's why he always needs more sleep.
Cloud Mist TAISHI
ドラゴン 太子
He is an active guy.
He is a good friend of SOYA.
He often does sports.
Good at drawing.
Love eating.
Love curry and oranges.