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The perfect meal

The good balanced meal

We have to eat. But it doesn't mean we can eat anything.
We should eat the good balanced meal with various kinds of food.
Then what is the good balanced meal?
Food is divided into 3 colors like the illustration on the right.
Red color food makes blood and muscle.
Yellow color food acts as an energy source.
Green color food maintains bodily functions.
If you eat those three colored food in a good balance, that is the good balanced meal.

Junior high-school and high school students love Raamen, chinese noodles, and pasta.Those are carbohydrate.
That means you just eat yellow food. So it is not a balanced meal.
Put some vegetables or seaweed as a topping and make it a balanced meal. Try to eat a good balanced meal with those three colored foods.

The balance of three meals

Next let's think about the balance of three meals.

If you think these three meals in ten, we junior high-school and high-school students tend to take three meals as a rate of 2:3:5. But actually you should take them as a rate of 3:3:4.
Because you don't move a lot at night and at night BR1 protein becomes active and easy to compile fat.
The time to eat is also important. The best time to eat breakfast is from 6:30 to 7:00 am. The best time for lunch is at noon to 1:00pm. And the best time for dinner is from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.
What to eat is three colored food for breakfast to boost metabolism, red and yellow for lunch to make ready for active afternoon.
If you want to eat a bountiful meal, you should eat it at lunch.
For dinner you should eat three colored food in a good balance, but as compared to dinner, you had better decrease fat. As has been exlained above, at night it is so easy to gain fat.


Eat three meals at the right time and in a good balance.

Convenience store food and fast food

コンビニ Well so far we explained the importance of eating the balanced food three times a day, and if you want, you can eat some bountiful meal for lunch. Then how about convenience store food and fast food?
Because there is a data which says 37% of junior high-school and high-school students eat convenience store food and fast food more than three or four times a week.

コンビニ2 We asked our school students about it. Then there were 20% students who had convenience store food and fast food more than three or four times a week. Convenience store food and fast food are very convenient for us and cheap. They are absolutely necessary for us. But we shouldn't eat them so often.
Fast food is high caloried food because they serve mainly fried food and meat. And nutrient balance slants. So you may get fat. Convenience store food is also high caloried food.

ごはん Look at the picture on the right.
We put convenience store's rice ball into the water.
As soon as we did it, we could see the whipy film of grease.
It cannot happen in regular rice.
You know what? Convenience store's rice ball includes vegetable oil.
This vegetable oil prevents rice from sticking to the machine and help to moisturize and preserve rice.

ごはん2 Also convenience store food includes various kinds of food additive, which are preservation agent, emulsifier, artificial color and synthetic sweetener.

All fabricated food includes food additive not only in convenience store food. But the convenience store food is easy to use and delicious and looks so healthy. So we have to recognize that it has food additive in it.
Of course food addictives are safe but if you take them too much, it might make you feel anger or defocus sometimes.

Our school director told us this following story.
In New York, United States, there were so many troubled kids and teens in 1979. So New York City government tried to improve the menu of school lunch for four years from 1979 to 1983.
In the first year, they stopped to use saturated fatty acid and sugar in school lunch.
Then the average score of national achievement test went up to 47 points, which had been at the most 39 points for a long time.
So New York City government cut artificial color and synthetic sweetener in the second year.
Then the average score went up to 53 points.
In the fourth year, they stopped to use preservation agent. Then the average score went up even higher to 55 points and troubled kids and teens started to calm down.

From this story you can know the food additive and sugar infects daily life and studying.

Of course, it is impossible not to use it. Because it is convenient literaly. So be careful not to use it so often and try to eat a good balanced meal at home.


We junior high-school and high-school students need snack.
During our school life there are more than 5 hours between lunch and dinner. So we feel appetite because we are in growing up years and feel we need more calories.

So when you feel hungry, you should snack.

But don't eat too much.
And be careful what to eat.

We asked about snacks in our school. Then about 80% of our school students answered they did snack.
We asked about what they ate for snacks. The No.1 answer was snack food.
Most snack food is fried, so it has too much calories. And also it has too much sugar and salt.
So it leads you to get fat.
And deep fried snack food like potatto chips has acrylamide which is carcinogen. It was reported in Oct. 2014.

You had better eat home made cake or food as snacks.

If you want to eat snack food, be careful not to eat too much.

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