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Efficacy of meal

The need of breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal in three meals. You have to eat breakfast and if possible you should eat a variety of food as breakfast.
Now we will show you the 8 points why we need breakfast.

To set a rhythm for the day

It is necessary to eat breakfast to set a rhythm for the day.
If you don't eat breakfast, your body cannot make this rhythm and you may upset your health.
So eat your breakfast at any cost.

To keep the healthy body

You can make the healthy body by taking breakfast. Because you can get the resources of energy and enough nutrient from breakfast then your immune system can be got active.

To wake up your body

When your body metabolize breakfast, your body temperature goes up.
So you can wake up clearly.

To have the power of concentration

The human brain needs glucose as an energy resource.
So when you eat breakfast, your brain gets active and your power of concentration goes up.
There are a lot of differences of concentration between eating breakfast and not eating breakfast.
In ATMT test which investigates the concentration of the brain, the people who had breakfast concentrated much more than the people who didn't have breakfast.
It is not because of differences of individuals.
The people who didn't have breakfast had breakfast on the next day and took the same test. Then their performance went up.
As a result, it says that the effect of learning goes up if you eat breakfast.

朝食欠食の成績 In our school research, 85% of the students who don't eat breakfast have bad records. On the other hand, all of the top students eat breakfast.

So you should eat breakfast without fail and concentrate on lessons to get good redords.

To be antichub

If you have breakfast, the energy you take will be used for the daytime activities. So it helps to be antichub.
On the contrary if you don't eat breakfast, your body will scent lack of nourishment and try to compile fat in the body. So it leads you to be fat.
In fact there is a data which says the risk of getting fat becomes 5 times if you don't eat breakfast.
So be sure to eat breakfast and have a healthy life.

To increase endurance

When they try 20m shuttle run which measures the whole body endurance, there is a big difference between students who eat breakfast and ones who don't eat breakfast. As you expect, the students who eat breakfast has better endurance.
The tired muscle from exercises is repaired by eating meal.
Especially eating breakfast every day during periods of growth makes you gain strength.

To help go to bed early

Most of breakfast food has triptophan which makes melatonin ,sleeping hormone. So if you eat breakfast, you can go to bed early at night.
On the other hand, if you don't eat breakfast, you tend to stay up late. Then next morning, you cannot wake up comfortably and don't feel like eating. Like this, not eating breakfast makes a deadly cycle.

To make you feel better in the daytime

If you eat breakfast, you can wake up clearly. So you can feel better in the daytime.
But there is a data which says that you need to eat several kinds of food for breakfast to wake your body up.
There is another data which says you cannot reset the biological clock if you don't take protein on breakfast. So you should take breakfast which includes protein.
If you don't eat breakfast, you might feel angry in the daytime.

Need of snack

As we explained on the page of "The perfect meal", we need snacks also.
The human body feels appetite when we are short of calories.
If we live without eating snacks, our body tries to regulate the metabolism and start to decompose muscle.
To snack prevents us from decomposing our muscle.
But you have to be careful not to snack too much.
We eat snack food and sweets but they are not only high calories, but also creat tooth decay. And we have to notice about acrylamide which potato chips include.
We should snack when we need to.
But we have to keep on our toes about what to eat. Let's try to eat home made sweets or hand made rice balls.

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