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Interview to the professeional

We found out we had a lot of problems about our meal, which was 20% of Japanese junior high-school and high-school students don't eat breakfast, we had snacks too much and we had convenience store food and fast food so often. So we interviewed the nutritionist about those problems.

栄養士 I know the students who don't have breakfast are increasing. As you can know from this web site, there are some food which includes triptophan and if you get this triptophan from breakfast, it provides a lot of good effect to your body.
I advise you to have banana as breakfast. Banana has many times the amount of nutrient of other vegetables and fruits. "Yogurt with banana and cereal" on this web site is a very good menu.
Like this menu, you can eat breakfast if it is easy to make and doesn't take time to make. You must eat breakfast so think about something you can make easily.
When it comes to snacks, the government reported the risk of acrylamide in potato chips last year. You should take care of what to eat. If possible, you should eat some home made sweets.
About convenience store food and fast food, rately most junior high-school and high-school students eat them so often. They are so easy to eat and they have high calories so you can get early satiety. But be careful not to eat too much.

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