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Case of Taishi-I cannot stop using smartphone in the bed!-

Taishi has the problem. It is that she cannot stop using smartphone in bed and she cannot have enough sleep.
So she tried the solution that we introduced on the page of "Our idea to improve our sleeping habits"
She tried to control herself by turning off the smartphone in bed.

The result

On the first day, she couldn't sleep well even though she turned off smartphone.

She acturally did turn off smartphone, but her life cycle is a night person. So she chouldn't sleep after going to bed for a while. After 30 minutes in bed she started to check the Internet on smartphone.

On the second day, she couldn't stop using smartphone.

She promised to talk on LINE-one of social media-. So she kept talking with her until midnight.
And she couldn't sleep for a while after talking.


So far I have to say that you didn't decide when you should stop using even though you know you have to decide that.
Once you start using it without deciding when you stop it, it is so hard to stop it. Because it is fun!
And if you keep doing it until midnight, it disturbs your good sleep. We know it! We talked about it on the page of "The connection with smartphone and lack of sleep".
If you get the blur light before going to bed, you cannot sleep right after.


How can I do?

I cannot change my life rhythm.
So she read the page of "Ropes of good sleep" again.

She tried to stop chatting on smartphone 30minutes before going to bed. And took a bath.
After taking a bath, she did some stretches.

Then on the third day, she could succeed in stopping smartphone in bed. She could sleep at 8:30pm. And she could get up at 6:30am.


When I had to take a bath, I had to stop using smartphone. Then I could feel so sleepy after that.

Then on the next day, she didn't use smartphone in bed.


I got up so early on that day, so I felt so sleepy on that day.


That is the life rhythm.

Since then, Taishi has kept 8 hours sleep.


I am so happy. I really believe that you can concentrate on studying if you have a good sleep. When I had a bad life cycle, I was always sleepy in classes. But now I can concentrate on classes.
Tyt to mix with the solution of "Connection with smartphone and lack of sleep" and "Ropes of a good sleep".

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