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The reality of our life

We junior-high and high scool students are havingthe really important time for the independence in the future.

In this period, if you are having disorderly life,
that effects your independence in the future.

If you want to have a healthy life, you need a good balance of sleep, meal and exercise.

From this aspect, let's check our life.


① is the average life of Japanese junior-high and high school students.
② is the ideal life for us.


Let's think about our sleeping hours. The average sleeping hours of Japanese junior-high and high school students are 6-6.5 hours.
In contrast, the sleeping hours we need are8 hours.

日本と他国の中高生の睡眠時間の違い Look at the graph on the right. From this graph you can see that the sleeping hours of Japanese junior-high and high scool students are much shorter than other coutries'.

And the junior-high and high school students who go to bed after midnight are almost 60-70% of all.
The reason why they go to bed so late is to stay up late to do the Internet and Smartphone.

We did research about that in our school. To be surprised the result was almost the same of the result of the research in Japan.
If you check the research of Japan, the average sleeping hours are 6. And the number of students who go to bed after midnight was 60%.
The reason why they cannot go to bed earlier was exactly same.

To go to bed early is really important for us
Because it relates directly to growth hormone.
And it is said that if you go to bed early, your memory skill would go up.

On the other hand, if you have nocturnal life, your growth might stop,and that might disturb your study.
And it might cause school refusal.
It is said that scool refusal might happen when you put your biological clock in disorder.

Anyway sleeping enough is really important for us.
We want to think about it with you.


Let's think about our meal next.

朝食欠食の生徒の成績について The average breakfast time in Japan is 15 minutes.
But 20% students do not eat breakfast even.
The main reason why they don't eat breakfast is that they don't have time or apetite.

To eat breakfast is important for resupplying energy and nutrient.
It is also good for increasing body heat and waking your body up. And that makes your good life cycle.
On the other hand not to eat breakfast is related to distubing your life rythm.
And also it makes you feel tired, reduce concentration and lead to a drop in grades.
Actually in our research of our school 85% of no breakfast students gets a bad grade on their exams.

中高生のコンビニ・ファストフード食の利用割合 When you become junior-high and high school students, you get to eat the convenience store food or fast food so often.
To tell you the truth, 43% of Japanese junior-high and high school students eat them at least once or twice a week.
13% of them eat them every day. And 24% of them eat them 3 or 4 times a week.

中高生のコンビニ・ファストフード食の利用割合(校内調査) We researched with that in our school.Then we got the result which is that 46% of students in our school eat them at least once or twice a week.
13% of us eat them every day and 26% of us eat them 3 or 4 times a week. To be surprised it was exactly the same as whole country data.

校内コンビニ・ファストフードの利用割合 中.高生比較 And the number of students who use the convenience store every day or 3 or 4 times a week are increasing as they get older from junior high to high school.

If you eat the convenience store food so often, that might cause immune compromise, loss of appetite and a decline in physical strength because of an additive in food.

And if you eat fast food too much, that might increase adult diseases risk.

So it is so important for us toeat a good balanced food at a set hour.
But the reality is little bit different. This is the very big problem.


At last let's talk about exercise.
The average one day exercising hour is 1.5 hours, which is more than the minimal amount for us. Maybe because most of us belong to the sports club at school.

But this average data is remarkably one-sided.

I mean that some students really like sports and play the club activities really hard,
but some students always play games and never play sports.

In fact junior-high and high school students who almost never do exercise is30%in Japan.
In our research of our school it was 23%, especially many of high school students didn't do any exercise.

The number of students who do not do any exercise are increasing year by year. That is one reason why the result of physical fitness test is becoming with a downward tendency.

It is said that lack of activity causes the forth high risk of lifestyle diseases.

To do appropriate exercise will improve immunity and decrease the risk of becoming ill.

And we are in the important period to grow.

If you exercise, that secretes growth hormone.
And if you exercise, you feel tired and that gives you a good sleep.
So that also secretes growth hormone.
And you get hungry.
If you eat a balanced food, you can get strong bone and mustle.
if that helps, the strong mustle leads to postural balance. If you dont do enough exercise, you cannot get back the lack of exercise.
It is necessary to do exercise for us.
But the reality is differen. This is another big problem.


We have more problems than I expected.


Yeah... This is the reality.

We have many other problems.
On this web page let's think about those problems again with us.

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