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The perfect sleep

The perfect sleep

The sleeping hours we need are 8 hours and the time we should go to bed is 22:30 the time we should get up is 6:30.
The good-quality sleep is important.

レム睡眠とノンレム睡眠の繰り返し表 There are different two types of sleeping. One is non-REM sleep ; non-rapid eye movement sleep which helps to relax your brain. Another one is REM sleep ; rapid eye movement sleep which helps to relax your body.
Usually we alternate them 4 or 5 times while sleeping. Each of them has the different mission. So when we can have both of them perfectly, we call it The perfect sleep.

REM sleep non-REM sleep
During REM sleep, your body sleeps deeply, but your brain is awake. All your mustle is lax and you can save the energy and a rest. During non-REM sleep, your brain is also sleeping. It is divided into 4 levels depend on the deepness of sleeping. It goes from shallow sleep to deeper sleep and after that it goes to shallow sleep again. Then it turns into REM sleep. It helps brain cortex cool down, which is working hard in the daytime, and makes it have a rest.
*have a dream *don't have a dream
*googly *It comes just after going to bed.
*Your body is lax completely. *The mustle which supports the body is working.
*Breathing and beat have disorder. *The deeper you sleep, the fewer your breathing and beat become.

During the REM sleep you are ready to wake up. So if you wake up during the REM sleep, you can wake up feeling good.
The ideal waking time 6:30am is in REM sleep, if you can go to bed 22:30pm.
On the other hand if you wake up during the non-REM sleep, you may wake up feeling bad. Because during the non-REM sleep, your brain is sleeping. So it causes sleep inertia.

So you should keep regular hours with getting up early and goin to bed early.
We have biological clock whose one day is 25 hours, not 24 hours.
To fis our clock to 24 hours we have to see the morning sunlight and do exercise in the daytime.
And of course going to bed early is necessary. If you keep your regular hours, your sleeping quality would get better, and Melatonin; sleeping houmone would be secreted enough.

And during your sleep,the growth houmone is secreted and internal organs are repaired as we show you in the chart below.
So even though you sleep for 8 hours, if you don't go to bed at the right time, it doesn't help your health at all. Going to bed at the right time and getting up at the right time is important.
If you live the vampire life, your houmone won't be secreted, and your internal organs won't be repaired.
As a consequence you will have a weakened immune system.


You also have to be careful for taking a nap.
We sometimes feel tired after club activities.
But if you take a nap in the early-evening, you will have the hard time to fall asleep when you go to bed.
So you should not take a nap.
There is a data which is 45% of all students take a nap in classes at school in the whole coutry.
But if you have a nap between 10:00am and 15:00pm, you would feel sleepy all the time and your brain working would become diminished.
It might disturb you to study.

By the way don't you have a lot more sleeping hours than weekdays on weekends ?
That is really bad. If you get up so late on Sunday, you won't be able to sleep on Sunday night. Then your life style would become a deadly cycle.
This is another problem for us.
Maybe you think it is good to sleep a lot when you feel tired. But if you sleep too much, I mean(excessive sleep)is really bad for your body.

One reason is this. We sweat a lot during the sleep. So if you sleep too much, you might get dehydrated.
And when you get up, you might have a headache and feel sleepy. Your faculty to memorize and concentrate might be decreasing.

On weekends you might fall back to sleep after getting up at the regular time.
But this is really bad for you. If you do that, you might bicome not to feel like doing anything. If you get up at the regular time, you should just get up.
There is a data that tells you if you get up 3 hours later than usual for 2 days, your inner body clock would lose 45 minutes.
If your inner body clock is going wrong, the brain activity become diminished. So it is really bad for studying.
In the end just keeping regular hours is important!

The connection of smartphone and lack of sleep

Rately most junior high-school and high-school students have smartphone.

スマホ保持率 As you can see the data in which the research of Tokyo University and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications showed last year, more than half high-school students have smartphones.

45% of the reasons why junior high-school and high-school students cannot sleep is to stay up late, and 82% of the reasons why they stay up late is because they use the Internet or video games. In addition, 70% of the students who use the Internet or video games use smartphone in bed.
It is called smartphone in bed-Nedoko Sumaho- these days.
Cell phone was so easy to send e-mail but when you use application of smartphone like social media, it is much easier to talk with your friends than e-mail. That is one reason why so many students use smartphone in bed.
Actuallly, 70% of the students who answered they used smartphones in bed said that they used smartphones just before going to bed.
When you get messages on social media, don't you feel you have to return the message as soon as possible? Aren't you watching smartphone all the time?

If you watch smartphone screen or tablets screen for a long time, your eyes are stimulated by light wave. It has the effect to wake you up. So you can be a night person.
The blue light which is coming from screen is a problem.
The blue light is included in the sunlight also. So if you get the blue light in the morning or daytime, it works to wake up your conscious clearly. But if you get the blue light at night, it puts your biological clock in disorder. So it distubs a good sleep.
And the blue light is close to the ultra violet. So it gets your eyes tired and it leads your brain tired. Then you get the bad cycle like even though you are so tired, you cannot sleep.

スマホによる生活の変化 There is another data which shows their life style changed after owning smartphone. From this data, you can see their time to using the Internet increased a lot and the time to watch TV, to study and to sleep decreased alot after owning smartphone.
In fact the average time to use the Internet on smartphone is 107.4 minutes. So they use smartphone for almost one an half hour and two hours.

If you want to have a good sleep, you should stop using smartphone at the latest two hours before going to bed.

The ropes to sleep well

Here we introduce the ropes to sleep well.

Good sleeping environment

When you go to bed, you should make your room dark.
Melatonin will be secreted a lot when it is dark.
You also have to check your bed if it is soft or solid enough for you.
And during sleep you sweat a lot, so you should use cotton sheets.

Taking a bath

Before going to bed, your deep body temperature is declining. So if your deep body temperature is not declined enough, you might have hard time to fall asleep.
And automatic nerve which is responsible for breathing, body temperature regulation, blood circulation and blood circulation makes sympathetic work in the daytime and makes parasympathetic nerve work at night.
Most of us take a bath 2 hours before going to bed. But if you take a bath 15-30 minutes before going to bed and soak in a tepid bath you would feel so relaxed and you can have a good blood circulation.
After that if you can go to bed when your inner body temperature is going down, you can fall asleep immediately and have a perfect sleep.
If you put some bath powder in the bathtub, it is the way to relax.
If you take a hot bath more than 42℃, your circulatory organ would be under strain.
And if you make yourself cool after a bath, your body would wake up.

When we asked what to drink after taking a bath at our school, the most popular beverage was tea, 60% of us was drinkng tea after a bath. But you shouldn't drink something which has caffeine before going to bed.
We recommend you to drink milk or bean juice which has melatonin in it after a bath. Or water is good.


If you feel tired because of exercise, it gives you a perfect sleep. aerobic physical activity like walking is good for a perfect sleep. You should do exercise before taking a bath at the latest 3 hours before going to bed. After a bath, stretching is good for you. it relaxes your mustle.


To eat breakfast every day is another thing to have a perfect sleep. There are many kinds of food which has triptophanthat makes melatonin in the breakfast menu. So you should eat breakfast every day. (If you want to know more about breakfast, go to the page of "Meal")

Don't eat a midnight snack

If you eat something just before going to bed, you cannot digest what to eat. Then you cannot have a good sleep and the growth houmone wouldn't be secreted. And the next morning you won't feel like eating breakfast. You have to finish eating at the latest 2 hours before going to bed.

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