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Efficacy of sleep

Here we show you various efficacy of sleep.

Fosterage of houmone

As we introduce in the page of The perfect sleep we excrete the growth houmone during the sleep.
If you don't have enough sleep in this period, you might have delayed development.
If you are in high school, your growth might be done.
But the growth houmone has other roles as follows.

  • to metabolize protein, fat and saccharometabolism.
  • to promote bone growth
  • an increase in muscle mass
  • to improve immunity

And the perfect sleep will help you to secret women houmone called estrogen.
It helps you many things as follows.

  • to maintain mustle
  • to reduce visceral fat
  • to maintain bone density
  • to plasticize vein
  • to reduce plasticize
  • to keep your skin beautiful

If you want to keep your skin beautiful, you should have enough sleep.

Recuperation and building up immunity

As we told you on the page of The perfect sleep, if you have a good sleep,
your body will be recovered.
Then you can improve your immune system and you can boost disease resistance.

Feeling good in the daytime

If you have a good sleep, the houmone called 5-hydroxytryptamine will be secreted a lot, which has a role to promote brain growth and make you even-tempered.
So you can feel good in the daytime.
On the other hand, if you don't have a good sleep, 5-hydroxytryptamine won't be secreted enough and that might make you feel difficulty in controlling your emotion.
You may feel irritated easily. You may have a lack of concentration.

Boosting memory and concentration

This is very good news for you.
Your brain works during REM sleep as we explained on the page of The perfect sleep.
During REM sleep, brain edits memory and bring memory to perfection.

睡眠と記憶力の関係を調べる学習実験 Here we introduce a learning experiment which shows you the relationship between memory and sleep.
This test shows you this. First they learned something new. And then they were tested how long they chould keep the memory after leaning. Between the 4th and the 5th check they had to sleep for being checked the relationship with sleep and memory.

And they were checked by the 3 pattern about sleep and memory. One is they were not interrupted REM sleep. The second one is they were interrupted it 50%. And the last one is they didin't sleep.
From this experiment there was broad distinction in 3 patterns. It is said their memory became stable when they slept between the 4th and 5th check. On the other hand, when they didn't sleep, their memory became almost half.

That is to say you need enough REM sleep to keep your memory for sure.

記憶力と就寝時刻の関係 In another learning experiment, they studied something between 22:00pm and 23:00pm. And after that they slept from 23:00pm to 2:00am. Then they were checked how much they memorized what they studied.
The result was that their memory became so stable when they slept after learning something new. When you compare with sleeping and non-sleeping, the percentage of memory was almost double. But when they studied from 2:00am to 3:00am and slept for 3 hours after that, there was no differences between sleeping and non-sleeping.

That is to say you must go to bed around 10:30pm or 11:00pm for effective learning.

In this experiment, they slept only for 3 hours. But if you sleep for short time, it might work for a test but the memory doesn't last for a long time.
To enhance learning ability, the important things are not only enough sleep but also when you go to bed and how long you can sleep.

Next we show you another experiment.
In this experiment they monitored someone's sleep. And after having breakfast, they did ATMT Test which is you touch randomly-segmented numbers in number order on PC. It tells you your memory ability and concentration ability.

As a result, the brain works the most after sleeping for 8 hours.
That is to say to enhance effective learning you need appropriate sleeping hours.

So far we explained something abstract like the memory or concentration. Now we show you the relationship between sleep and academic results.

睡眠と成績 This study is about the relationship with bedtime, sleeping hours and academic results of Japanese junior-high and high school students.
In the chart on the right score A students sleep for about 8 hours and their bedtime is early.
On the other hand score D students sleep for short hours and their bedtime is late. Now you can know how important the appropriate sleeping hours are for effective learning.

成績下位者の睡眠時間(校内) Actually we did the research about the sleeping hours and academic results. As a result 45% of top students sleep for 8 hours. On the other hand 64% of low-performing students sleep for less than 6 hours.
We also interviewed our school students whether or not they can concentrate the classes when they sleep enough. The percentage of answering Yes was 85%

成績上位者の睡眠時間(校内) In conclusion if you want to get effective learning, you have to keep regular hours and keep appropriate sleeping hours.

Sleep and body

Sleeping is also important for keeping yourself trim. Because sleep helps to decompose cholesterol.
On the other hand lack of sleep causes steroid hormone and that makes you fat. Just keep your sleeping hours and keep your body.

Those five facts we explained so far are the effect of sleep.