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Our idea to improve our sleeping habits

As we told on the page of "The perfect sleep"、we should go to bed at 10:30pm and get up at 6:30am as an ideal life.
But as we told on the page of "The reality of our life", the average time to go to bed is 11:30pm and the average time to get up is 6:00am.
That means our average sleeping hours are 6 hours.

他国と日本の平均的な中高生の睡眠時間の比較 The sleeping hours of Japanese junior high-school and high school students are much less than other countries.

And 60-70% of junior high-school and high-school students go to bed after midnight.

As we explained on the page of "Efficacy of sleep", sleeping enough during this estate of life is really important.
But on the other hand it is difficult for us to sleep enough because we are busy doing a lot of things.
How can we sleep enough?
Here we are going to think about it with you together.


So let's think about our sleeping habit. How do you think we can have an enough sleep?


Well, first let's see the data of the reason why we cannot sleep enough.
The upper one is the data in Japan and the lower one is the data in our school.
There are various reasons. Let's think about the solution of each case.



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