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Interview to the professional

We interviewed our school nurse about the problems that we junior high-school and high-school students cannot get enough sleep.

保健室の先生 Every day many students who have headache or fall sick because of lack of sleep come to the dispensary.
As the explanation of this web site, smartphone gives a profound effect on lack of sleep. Most students who come to the dispensary from lack of sleep said that they couldn't sleep because they couldn't stop talking on the application called "LINE" or stop playing video games on smartphones.
And as you can know from the explanation of this web site, many students are busy studying and going to the cram school. Actually when they have got the term exam coming up, the students who come to the dispensary increase because they stay up late for studying and coming home late from the cram school.
But in this case, you cannot take lessons at school because of those reasons. So It is like "putting the cart before the horse".
What we can do is only to give you advice not to stay up late. So you have to become aware of this problem by yourself.

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