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Efficacy of exercise

Need of exercise

On this page we will introduce various kinds of effecacy of exercise.

To promote the growth

イメージ Exercises make growth hormone secret and bring a good sleep.
They make you hungry also. So exercises make you keep good hours and help bones and muscle grow.
But if you don't do exercise, you don't get hungry and you will have hard time to go to bed. Then you cannot wake up comfortably on the next day, and may stay in foggy state all day long.
If you don't do enough exercise in this period, it is too late even though you try to do more exeercise after becoming adults.
The lack of exercise in the growth period cannot be beyond repair later.

To make a healthy body

To use calories you get from meal by exerscising is very good for your health. It will improve immunity and make a healthy body.

To have a good posture

To have a good posture you need strong bone and soft muscle.
Especially muscle becomes like a corset.
If you exercise, your muscle is made and it helps to have a good posture.

To be antichub

Your body can burn the calories you take from food by exercising. So it leads you to be antichub.
And you can burn the fat in your body by exercising. So it helps a lot to do diet.

To have good blood circulation and develop blood capillary

イメージ Exercises help decrease the fat in the blood, so you can have good blood circulation.
The blood capillary will be developed and you can get strong wide blood vessel.
So your blood conveys oxygen and fuel throughout the body rapidly, and does increase metabolism.
If your metabolism is good, it means you don't have to worry about getting fat. Your skin can be beautiful also.
And it means your power to repair the defect in your body is strong.

To concentrate the mind and refine your thinking power

Your nerve cells of your brain increase by exercise.
Nerve cells is the cells to get information by electrical signal.
The new nerve cells are excited. So they help to concentrate the mind and refine your thinking power.
So exercises help to effect study and to concentrate the mind.

At Princeton University in the United States, they did an experiment with mouses.
A mouse could use a playing wheel freely and another one couldn't move a lot. Then the mouse which played a lot got a lot of new nerve cells in its brain.
From thin experiment, they proved there were some connection between exercise and new nerve cells in brains. So you can expect that exercise effects studying.

To feel restorative

Arterial blood coming from heart goes back to heart as venous blood.
If you develop your leg muscle by exercise, your legs work as a pump and they help to convey venous blood to heart smoothly. It helps to cut back the workload of heart.
That's why legs are called the second heart.
If you get good blood circulation, lactic acid goes out of your body quickly. So you can feel restorative quickly
Especially strech helps a lot to relax your body.

To help resolution of stress

When you exercise and unharness extra energy in your body, you can feel resolution of stress.