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Interview to the professional

We found out that there were so many students who didn't do any exercise except gym classes at school. Especially students preparing for an college entrance exam cannot make any time to take physical action. And another problem is there are a lot of students who get heat disorder or dehydration because they cannot take enough water during the school activities. So we interviewed our PE teacher about these problems.

Professional When it comes to the lack of exercise, if you cannot make time to take physical action, try to use stairs at station not escalator or try to walk faster than usual. That helps you to take physical action.
And as the explanation of this web site, to keep doing aerobic exercise like bicycle ride is really effctive.
If you don't have time, how about doing "Drow in"? It is really simple easy exercise. All you shuld do is to make a dent in your lower abdomen consciously and keep it for dozens of seconds. It is the exercise that develops abdominal muscle and sets straight the body trunk. Even the students preparing for the college entrance exam can do it.
You can just do thin in the living room or in the train. If you keep doing this, it is really good exercise.
At the end I will advise you on fluid replacement. The most important thing is that you should be aware of taking water consciously. If the responsible person doesn't make the time for fluid replacement during exercise, somebody should bring it up.
If you feel a feeling of unwellness, you should tell that to the responsible person as soon as possible.

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